Poached eggs & sorrel on toast

A super easy lunch which I ate while working from home on Thursday.

The sorrel is from the garden and the bread and organic eggs from Beamish & McGlue

Just pick and chop some fresh sorrel, make toast, poach a couple of eggs, butter the toast, pile the sorrel on top and place a poached egg on each slice. Mine immediately slid off but never mind.

The sorrel wilts a little from the heat of the eggs and toast which is lovely – there’s no need to pre-cook it, just enjoy the lemony sharpness in contrast to the rich eggs and butter.

I also added a good grind of applewood smoked sea salt.


Potato and Sorrel Gratin

“As gratins are all made by the same method, I shall give that first, and follow it up with a list of suggested ingredients. Remember that they are suggestions, and not Holy Writ.”

Ah, the lovely and sensible Jane Grigson.

So, for this gratin I borrowed the proportions of veg to liquid from Jane and used whatever veg I had in the garden. It totalled a kilo; 600g potato and the rest in sorrel and young courgettes. I did not peel the potatoes because the peeler has disappeared. But this made the gratin event better, the edges a chewy bonus, a bit of texture in the creamy veggie goo.

For 1kg veg I used 400ml liquid, half and half veg stock and cream.

For flavouring I used 3 cloves garlic and lemon thyme flowers (because the thyme had flowered, not because I was being deliberately posh). And loads of black pepper.You just slice the veg to the thickness of a 50p piece and layer with the flavoured bits, and then pour the mixed liquid on top.

I baked at 200 degrees c for 55 minutes and the gratin was delicious. I mopped the creamy sauce up with bread. A big carb fest love in. Yuuuum.

Oh, and sometimes the liquid is hard to get right in  a gratin. You need it to practically cover the veg, but yet not to be liquid at the end. If its too liquid just ladle some out at the end of cooking and pop the gratin back in the oven for 5 mins.