Scotch duck eggs (or what to do with leftover butterbeans…)

If you have leftovers from yesterday’sLemony butterbeans with sage breadcrumbs you can turn them into divine veggie scotch eggs (there’s no vegan alternative to this, obvs). This is not the perfect scotch egg recipe as the leftover beans make rather too moist a coating so you need to handle them carefully, not like the shop-bought ones which you could happily play cricket with.

If you don’t have leftover beans then you can use a tin of cooked beans or chick peas, but you fill need to add much more in the way of flavour so chuck in some crushed garlic and herbs too.

Makes 2 scotch eggs.



  • Hard boil your eggs (also delicious with the yolks still runny but this makes them much harder to peel and I can’t manage it without busting the eggs)
  • Mash up your ladle of Lemony butterbeans with sage breadcrumbs  with a fork
  • Add your Marmite and paprika and add more seasoning – you want the mix to be full of flavour
  • When the eggs are cooked and cooled peel them and then coat with the bean mush, squishing it on nice and thick using your hands until you get a nice fat ball
  • Roll the balls in the bread crumbs
  • Fry (or bake if super-virtuous)
  • Devour

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